The beautiful cats of Scotland have been given a second chance to make the country’s beautiful coastline a tourist attraction with their return to their former homes, the BBC has reported.

The cats, which have been in captivity for 20 years, are the only species of land mammal to have returned to their native habitat, where they live in a sanctuary in the Krave Peninsula.

They will be reintroduced to the wild in Scotland later this year.

A group of about 20 cats will also be brought to Scotland in the next few weeks to be reintroduce to their new homes, with a population of up to 15 animals estimated to be around 100.

In their native Scotland, the kraken beauty is the largest land mammal and can grow up to 30 feet long.

The krakens’ wild homeland is near the North Sea, in the region of North Gwynedd, which is the site of a natural attraction known as Krave Point, which the kraits are accustomed to watching from the safety of their sanctuary.

Krakens are not the only wildlife to return to the Kraken Peninsula in Scotland, with more than 200 species of birds and mammals having been relocated from their habitats.