By JOHN KURTISAssociated PressWASHINGTON (AP) The White House on Friday announced it will remove a popular magazine from its shelves and the White Houses top advertising agency is working to sell it.

The White House said the magazine, named “Beauty” and distributed in more than 1,000 languages around the world, was in poor taste.

“The White Houses advertising agency and publisher, McCann New York, are currently exploring opportunities to sell this iconic magazine,” the WhiteHouse said in a statement.

“We are grateful to the magazine for its long-standing commitment to beauty, diversity, inclusion and the advancement of women and girls in our nation.”

The magazine has been a favorite of President Donald Trump’s.

His wife Melania Trump was the first woman to wear a full-length bra at a Republican National Convention and has worn a size-16 bra in recent years.

Trump has criticized the magazine and its publisher, which has been in the news for its promotion of cosmetic products, including nail polish, lotions and lipsticks.

Trump also criticized the fashion industry for being in the business of selling women’s products that make them look like their clothes.

“It is the ultimate insult to women when the fashion world sells products that are designed to make women look like objects and objects to be looked at,” Trump said during a campaign rally last month.

“I think it’s very unfortunate.

It’s very sad, because the beauty industry has to do with a lot of things that have nothing to do at all with women.

It has to have a very, very large heart.”

The WhiteHouse did not say when the magazine will be available for sale.

The magazine is available for purchase at the Whitehouse press shop and on the White houses website.