Dear Beauty Blogs,Dear Beauty Blog Readers,We’re going to tell you why we love to see your beautiful soul, and why we can’t wait to share your beauty stories.

Beauty Blogs are the most popular, most popular source of news, beauty information and inspiration on the web, and they have been for years.

As our popularity continues to rise, so do our readership, which is why we created the Dear Beauty blog.

We’re excited to introduce the Beauty Blog Awards, which are the first awards show of the year.

Every year, we ask our readers to nominate the best beauty bloggers from around the world, and the winners are announced on the first Monday of January.

We have a very special treat for you this year: we’ll be awarding the top three winners from each category, in a blind draw, in our very first Dear Beauty Awards, in 2019.

This means you can vote for your favorite bloggers in each category in your state, and vote for the winners in each of the three categories, plus in each, for a total of three awards.

If you want to win, you’ll need to be an eligible voter in each state.

This year’s winners are:Lena T, Brooklyn, New York,, and DearBeautyBlog.


This is our second year for the award.

We’ve won the first award in 2018, and have been nominated for a third time, in 2018 and again in 2018.

The other two winners are Sarah Stiles, New Zealand, and Kristin Coyle, North Carolina, Beauty

You can find out more about our 2018 winners here.

Here’s what we’ll talk about in this article:Why we love seeing your beautiful soulsYou’ll see that our readers love our beauty blogs, as well as their readers.

In 2018, our readers loved our beautiful blogs by an average of over 5,000,000 votes each.

And of course, the readers of Beauty Blog are also passionate about their blogs.

You’ll hear a lot of our readers talking about what makes our blogs special, and about the beauty that they love to read.

So when we tell you that we love your beauty, we mean it.

We know you are passionate about your beauty.

We can’t help but think that you are also looking for a little bit of inspiration and guidance on how to improve your beauty routine.

We love hearing about the things that you do to get your beauty in the best shape, to be the best version of yourself, to get that glow in your skin, to stay beautiful.

We also love hearing from you about the secrets to getting that glow and that sparkle.

And it’s all part of a journey that can take many different forms.

We are looking forward to sharing our beautiful, inspiring journey with you this time around.

Beautiful Beauty bloggers are so incredibly dedicated to sharing their beauty and inspiring their readers to keep their beauty in beautiful shape.

When you hear that a blogger has shared her inspiration, or a beauty blogger shared a story about how they’re going about getting that amazing glow, it makes all the difference in the world.

What makes our readersbeautifulBeautiful beauty is so much more than just looking beautiful.

It’s also about the stories and stories behind the beauty.

Beauty is an incredible way to capture the essence of your person and yourself, so you can truly see what makes you so unique.

Beauty isn’t a look.

Beauty doesn’t just exist.

Beauty exists.

It happens, and it’s there.

We want to be so clear about what we mean when we say we love beauty.

We care about our readers and they care about us.

If we don’t hear from you, if you’re not sharing your beautiful journey, we want you to know that we care.

We want to hear about your stories, your successes and your failures.

You should share your stories and your triumphs and your struggles.

We care about your love for the beauty you see.

You can see our full list of the top 3 winners below.

And if you want more information on our 2018 Dear Beauty Award winners, we have a great post that explains the whole process in more detail.