A happy birthday to Lani – the world’s most beautiful woman!

The Lani story started in the 1960s when Lani, who was born in the United Kingdom, became a British citizen in 1971.

She was one of the first British people to visit Sri Lanka, and then India, and later went to the United States to live.

In 1992, she opened a shop in the Indian city of New Delhi and started selling her wares.

She opened a restaurant in Mumbai and opened another in Delhi, where she continues to sell her waurs to customers.

In 2016, Lani was named the “world’s most gorgeous woman” by Time magazine.

Her most recent book, “Beautiful Legs”, which is also the title of the movie, is an international bestseller.

She is now the owner of the Lani & Co. wholesale business, which is based in Dubai.

The Loni family has a lot to thank for Lani’s popularity.

She began her career as a model and was married to a Hollywood producer.

In 1983, she won the Miss Universe crown and was nominated for the Golden Globe award.

She later won the Best Actress award in 1986 and won the Golden Palm Award in 1987 for her role in “The Incredible Hulk”.

In 1998, she was named one of “the 100 most influential people in the industry”.

Lani’s son, Lanni, is also a model, and his daughter, Lana, is a fashion designer.

The family has lived in Dubai for decades, but the Loni’s now run their own business in India.

Lani is a member of the royal family and the queen’s favourite daughter, Princess Mahila.

She has lived with her family in Dubai since 1996.

Loni has been married to Prince Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa since 1999 and has three children: Zahra, a designer, Lili, a singer and Lani Doshi, a businesswoman.

Lani has also lived in London, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles and New York.

Lili, who is 21, has become one of Lani Jnr’s favourite models and is a favourite of Lania Trump.

Lana, who has also been a model since 1999, was born and raised in Dubai, and lives in a two-bedroom apartment in the Gulf city.

She had been in London for three years before she decided to move to the UK.

She said that Lani and Lania were “so beautiful”.

Lana has also had a number of relationships.

Lania first dated Lani in 2004 and they became engaged in 2008.

In 2012, Lania had another engagement and Lanni was also engaged.

Lania was a part of the “Dancing Queen of the World” group of young British women and Lany, who married Lani as a teenager, was one the girls on the group.