Posted June 09, 2018 04:04:06 Beautiful flowers can be purchased for less than a dollar at Ulta stores.

Ulta says it is offering an $18 coupon for a $40 flower.

Beauty Coupons: Beauty Coupons are a great way to save on beauty products and services.

They’re great for shoppers who don’t like to buy anything, and they can save you money on things you don’t really need.

Ulta Beauty Coupon for Flowers A $18 Ulta beauty discount coupon is available for a bouquet of roses or bouquet with a white background, which is $40 at Ultas retail locations and online.

The offer is valid for purchases of $40 or more at select Ulta retail locations.

Bouquet with White Background: You can use this coupon to buy a bouquet of flowers that matches your theme or color palette.

Use the coupon code: “TUBIA” to save $10 on a bouy.

The offer is limited to one coupon code per customer.

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