Sally Beauty, one of the most popular beauty bloggers in the country, has received an apology from Facebook for selling a coupon that gave her access to the company’s beauty secrets.

Sally Beauty is a self-proclaimed “beauty goddess” who sells “beautiful and sexy” women’s body products online.

The company’s coupons allow her to collect the same discounts as regular customers.

However, the company has been known to make the sale of a $30 coupon from time to time, even if it is limited to only one product.

Shelley Hensley, a spokeswoman for Facebook, said the company had taken the coupon issue seriously and decided to “review and update the offer” when it became clear that it was not only a violation of policy but also a breach of the site’s terms of use.

“We’ve reviewed the issue, and have decided to update the offering to better align with our commitment to fairness, trust and community,” Hensfield said in a statement.

Facebook’s privacy policy does not include a policy for coupons, but the company generally forbids coupons from being sold in a way that encourages people to sign up.

It says it “does not allow people to use the same coupon code to buy multiple products or products in a single order” and that it “takes privacy very seriously.”

The company also says that when a coupon code is posted, the coupon should be marked with a special symbol or number.

Facebook also says it will notify users of any “malicious use of this offer” and “adversely affects” users’ privacy.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Hensline said that while the company was “disappointed” in the way the offer was handled, it has been in the process of reviewing the situation and making changes.

The company’s terms-of-use include an online privacy policy that says users “have the right to control access to their personal information and to manage their personal data, including any data about their online activities.”

Hensfield added that “we have been in a position to make changes that have improved the service for our community, particularly our partners and community members who have asked for them.

Facebook has made a commitment to improving its privacy policies, and we have begun that process.”

The Beauty Queen controversy erupted in late February, when Sally Beauty announced that she was going to “end my association with the company,” which had become “a major source of stress for me.”

Sally Beauty was acquired by cosmetics giant Estee Lauder in December 2016.

According to the Washington Post, Sally Beauty’s cofounder, Jennifer Lee, said that the company “didn’t feel safe around” the company because of its close relationship with Estee and the fact that it had “many more female partners.”

In her blog post, Lee said that Sally Beauty has “had to work harder than ever before to stay in touch with our partners, so now they feel like we have a safe place to talk.”

Lee also said that she has been “deeply troubled” by the recent events, noting that the controversy “has put us at a loss for words.”

Lee has since deleted all her posts about Sally Beauty and apologized to those affected by the coupon.