Sally BeautyHours is coming soon to a New York beauty store.

The cosmetics giant is planning to bring its Sally Beauty Palette to the location in the Big Apple.

Sally Beauty hours will be the first BeautyPalaces palette, according to the company’s Instagram account.

The palettes will be available for a limited time at Sally Beauty, with the price dropping to £10 from £15.

This is a big deal for Sally Beauty’s loyal fans, as it is a first for the brand.

“It’s a big step forward for the Sally Beauty brand as they have long been one of the best selling beauty brands in the world, and we are excited to bring this beauty palette to the new BeautyPalades location in NYC,” Sally Beauty Director of Customer Services and Beauty & Lifestyle Brand Director Lauren Buss wrote on Instagram.

“Sally Beauty is known for their incredible customer service and we know we have fans that will love our products and are ready to take advantage of the discounted price.”

The palette will also be available to Sally Beauty customers in Australia and New Zealand. 

Sally is the largest beauty brand in the US and Canada.

It is one of America’s most profitable beauty brands, according a recent report from Euromonitor International. 

The Sally Beauty palette will be limited to only 300,000 units worldwide.

The price will be $49.99 (£38.99) on the Sally beauty store website. 

 The BeautyPalette is already available at a number of beauty and beauty services across the US, including Ulta and Benefit, and the brand recently launched its Beauty Palettes app in the UK. 

In November, the beauty giant announced it would be adding more beauty brands to its Beauty and Beauty Products line, including Clinique and Urban Decay. 

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