I’m a 16-year-old girl and I can’t eat fried chicken.

My mom’s been trying to get me to eat the delicacy, but she says I’m too young.

So I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway, because I love fried chicken.

“In a series of tweets on Thursday, she described herself as a “little girl who loves fried chicken” and said she was “really upset” by the reaction to her tweet.”

When I was 16 I was really angry, because fried chicken is the best food in the world,” she said.”

But when I woke up, I’m just so happy to be alive because it’s just the food of life.

It’s all I eat.

“I don’t know what I would have done with it.

I’d be sad, but I would be sad for the children.”

It would be like if you’re sad, you have to try to eat something.

It doesn’t have to be bad.

But it’s the food.

“Ms Jones said her tweet was “misconstrued” and that she was trying to show support for “the food of the world”.”

I’m really sorry to those people who are being really hurt and upset by my tweet, but it wasn’t meant to hurt anybody.

“My tweet was meant to show the world what I love about food,” she added.

Ms Jones is not the first teenager to express support for fried chicken and Okra.

In October, a 16 year-old Australian boy called Chris tweeted about his hunger after visiting a restaurant in Melbourne and found fried chicken “soooo good”.

In a similar fashion, another teenager called Sarah said she found fried okras “tasteful”.

In response, a chef at a restaurant called Fried Chicken Melbourne tweeted a photo of a fried okara and a photo she had made of the product.

Ms Johnson said she and her mother had been trying for years to get Ms Jones to eat okra.

“If I hadn’t tweeted, I wouldn’t have been able to, and now I have,” she told 7.30.