You’re in your worst mood ever.

The ‘you’ shampoo, conditioner and makeup products are all selling well.

But the shampoo and beauty blender have been in the news for months now, thanks to allegations that they contain potentially dangerous ingredients and for using ingredients not approved by the FDA.

Some of the products include the ‘you’re in’ shampoo from the Beauty Blend, a brand that is now a defendant in a class action lawsuit against a New York company, which alleges the product contains a pesticide known as neonicotinoid that can be harmful to bees.

A class action was filed against the company on behalf of two million people in April.

The lawsuit alleges that the shampoo, the makeup products and other items have been linked to colony collapse disorder, a potentially deadly neurological disorder caused by excessive use of pesticides.

It is not clear what products were recalled, but the company said it has no immediate plans to recall the products.

“The Beauty Blend has a long history of producing quality products that are made to our highest standards and we are committed to providing consumers with a safe, quality product that meets their expectations,” the company wrote in a statement.