Canada’s “beautiful” day is the most popular day in Canada, but it’s not always the most glamorous.

That honour goes to July 14, the date when the country celebrated the 150th anniversary of Confederation, and the centennial of its founding.

But the date is not quite the only “beauty day” that’s worth celebrating.

In fact, there’s one “beautification day” in particular that deserves more attention.

According to the International Festival of the Year, Canada is home to a number of “beautifying” and “beautified” days.

Here are 10 of the best.

Day 1: May 16, 2017 Day 2: June 12, 2018 Day 3: July 10, 2018 The first day of July is also the “beautiest” day of the year, according to the FIFPro International Festival Of The Year.

The “beautys” of this day are all about the sun and the moon, but the “gifts” are a little more diverse.

The Festival of The Gods of The Sun is a great place to see a new sunrise, for example, while the “Gifts of The Night” festival features fireworks and concerts.

In addition to these beautiful sights, there are also a number other festivals celebrating other aspects of the calendar, including Canada Day.

These days have a special significance in Canada because they are celebrated by people who have been designated as “Canada’s Most Beautiful” for the past 15 years.

In 2018, the FIT International Festival for Beauty was created, and this year, the festival features a new category, “Canadian Beauty,” in which the best Canadian artists are given a prize and a plaque.

The FIF International Festival For Beauty is held every year in Ottawa, and it’s one of the most prestigious festivals in the country.

Day 4: June 18, 2019 Day 5: July 4, 2020 Day 6: July 12, 2020 There are a number festivals on this day, but there are some very specific events on this date.

First of all, Canada Day commemorates Confederation and the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB).

This event also commemorates the first Canadian flag flying in the House of Commons.

The celebration also commemorated the 50th anniversary that the first maple leaf was planted on Parliament Hill.

The Canada Day festival is also a great time to enjoy some of Canada’s best restaurants and cultural events.

Day 7: July 15, 2020 This is another “beautifuly” day.

It’s also the day that commemorates a Canadian tradition of “patriotic dancing.”

The Canadian Dance Hall of Fame and the National Arts Centre of Canada offer great free performances during this day.

Day 8: July 18, 2020 The first “beautifully” day in Ottawa’s calendar is also also the best day for “beautifiying” activities.

Many of the celebrations for this day focus on the city and its surrounding area, such as Canada Day Celebration in Ottawa and Canada Day Music Festival in the Ottawa region.

The city also celebrates other holidays with special celebrations, such a National Mardi Gras Parade in Ottawa on July 16 and a Day of Canadian Remembrance in Ottawa.

Day 9: July 22, 2020 On this day in the calendar is the annual “Beautification” event, in which people are encouraged to paint their faces and their hair in colour.

This day also marks the start of summer, so many Canadians will be looking to soak up some sunshine.

It also coincides with the National Day of the Summer, which falls on July 23.

Day 10: August 1, 2020 Canada Day is also marked by a number activities on this “beautiifying” day, such the Canada Day Parade and the Canada Days Summer Festivals.

Some of the events are held in the City of Ottawa, which also holds its own “Beautifying Day” celebrations every year.

The Ottawa Arts Festival, for instance, brings artists, musicians, designers and designers to the city for events, such Toronto’s City of the Arts Festival.

Day 11: August 15, 2019 This is a “beautify day” with lots of festivals and events.

It is also celebrated in Canada as the National Heritage Day.

Canada Day celebrations are held at various locations throughout the country, and people often visit these sites for special events.

The celebrations in the capital are also popular, but you’ll find other festivities in other parts of the country such as the Canadian Heritage Celebration.

Day 12: August 16, 2019 On this “gift day” Canada Day comes to an end.

It marks the end of summer and begins a new, “glorious” year for Canadians.

There are several celebrations in Toronto, which are followed by the Canada Festival.

Canada Festivals are also held in other cities in the province, including the Toronto Opera House, which features a number special events, including a musical tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Day 13: August 22, 2019 Canada Day has come to an “end