A naked woman is OK to pose for a photo if the subject is “well-groomed and attractive” and there is “no risk of harm or embarrassment”.

According to the guidelines, the image should be “naked or partially naked”, and not “a model with a towel over her head”.

“The images should not be taken with any part of the body visible, and should not show any part or area that might reveal a person’s private parts or genitals,” the guidelines say.

It goes on to suggest that if a woman is wearing a revealing outfit, then “there is a possibility that her body might show or be seen”.

“A nude woman can be the subject of sexualised and suggestive sexual images,” it says.

“Such images may not be used without the consent of the subject.”

“This means that it is possible for someone to use a photo to make sexual advances, even if they have not been explicit,” the guide continues.

“This is why it is so important to have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a nude or partially nude situation.”

It is not clear what guidelines were being followed in India, but several Indian websites have been warning users about the dangers of the “dangerous” practice.

“We have found many websites with images of women being photographed nude and in situations of nudity.

This poses a huge risk of exposing one’s private areas to the public and of being viewed sexually,” the Indian government’s Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DET) told Business Insider in a statement.”

The Government of India has not provided any guidelines for this practice.

We are working to ensure that all sites have such guidelines in place.”

The guidelines suggest that “the images should be taken in a public place or area with a minimum of disturbance” and “the subject should not appear to be distressed”.

“We believe that the use of images in this manner is in breach of the law and should be strictly controlled by the concerned authorities,” the department added.

The guidelines also recommend that “a person in a compromising or compromising position should be given ample warning and the images should also be taken down as soon as possible.”

“Such images should clearly and conspicuously be removed from all internet services as soon and as publicly as possible,” the instructions state.