A beauty school grad who graduated from a prestigious private university is eligible to invest in crypto-assets, a startup that aims to democratize beauty-related investing.

The startup, Beauty School Dropout, recently launched a beta program to provide accredited beauty-school graduates with the skills and credentials to become crypto-funders.

The platform, which has raised $5 million, will offer its students up to $100,000 in exchange for crypto-currency.

The $100k reward will be split among the students, who will then be able to earn an investment of up to 100% of their investment.

The first batch of participants will be selected in early March and will be offered $25,000, which will be divided among the remaining 2,000 applicants.

According to Beauty School’s founder and CEO, Yael Gernes, the beauty school graduates will be able access the same funding opportunities that the general population is able to access, as well as gain access to additional education, career opportunities, and other perks.

“It is time to give the next generation of beauty students access to financial freedom, while offering them the opportunity to diversify their investments and build wealth in a sustainable manner,” Gerns told Cryptocurrency News.

“I hope that this program will help bring back the beauty industry to its former glory, and pave the way for future generations of young beauty entrepreneurs.”

According to Gerners website, the platform will allow its students to “create a portfolio, a portfolio portfolio, which could be traded on the exchange for USD or BTC, or a portfolio which can be exchanged for other cryptoassets.”

The company’s founders plan to launch a secondary marketplace on Beauty School Exchange to help the students sell their portfolio in a more transparent way.

Gernses told Cryptolist that the founders are currently accepting more than 200 students, and are also aiming to have the platform expand to a larger group of students.

Grosz said that the beauty-focused platform aims to bring back a more diverse and diverse set of investors, but it also hopes to give students the opportunity for exposure to a diverse range of investors.

“We are really excited to be launching Beauty School and to be able expand to the wider beauty community,” he told Cryptocoins News.

Beauty School Dropsout aims to give beauty students the chance to learn from and apply their own passion for beauty to crypto-currencies.

The founders are working to ensure that the platform is not biased towards the crypto community.

Gervais and Gernens stated that the Beauty School graduates would be able “to get access to a range of products from the likes of Botox and hair care to high-end nail polish and accessories, so we want to encourage them to pursue those options and diversify,” they added.

Gens’ business partner and former colleague, Giorgio Zanni, has been one of the founders of Beauty School.

According and the founders, Beauty Schools alumni will be the first to be accepted into the beauty and beauty industry, and that the program would help them gain access and experience.

Zanni told CryptoCurrency News that he sees Beauty School as a way to provide graduates with an educational experience that they will be more likely to pursue once they graduate.

“When you’re a graduate of a beauty college, you have this opportunity to take part in the beauty ecosystem, and I think that is a really important part of what we want for the beauty space,” he said.

“If you are an entrepreneur or if you want to make money as an entrepreneur, it is an incredible opportunity.”

The beauty-themed program will have its debut in the next few months, with more participants expected to be announced in the coming months.

Beauty Schools graduates are eligible to participate in Beauty School Beta, but Zanni added that the company is still looking to expand the program beyond its current cohort of students and into the general beauty community.

He explained that there are “hundreds of beauty schools around the world” and that they are eager to have students in the industry, adding that they believe it is “a great opportunity for them to have a positive experience.”

For more on Beauty Schools, check out its website.