Christina Aguilar was a popular icon for the 2000s, but that hasn’t stopped her from being called out for her looks.

She recently released her own beauty line, Ulta Beauty, but has also received a fair amount of criticism for the way she dresses.

When she shared an Instagram photo of herself in her most famous ensemble, Ultarita, she also got a lot of criticism.

She responded with a tweet stating, “I dont think anyone ever thinks about my looks and that is why I’m not alone in the beauty world.

If I want to look like a different model, I can change my body type or wardrobe, or choose to wear a different color, style or size.

That is what beauty is all about.”

Some have called for her to leave the industry entirely, but she has said she wants to stay and do her thing.

“It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks, I just want to be beautiful.

I want people to think about me when they see me in the world and they should be happy,” she told Vogue.

Christina Aguilers new collection UltaBeauty is available on

You can find more of Christina Aguileres beauty on her Instagram.