A mother has come forward with a story about how a high school drop-out was once a real woman.

Kimberly Meeks told ABC News she went to her high school and found a girl who was studying to be a nurse.

She was 16 years old.

But Kimberly Meeks said the nurse didn’t like the way the girl looked.

“She wasn’t attractive,” she said.

Kimbert Meeks’ mother, Jennifer Meeks, told ABC affiliate KABC that Kimberly Mews’ father, Keith, was also a nurse, but she said he didn’t care about her appearance.

KimMeeks said her father wanted to change the way she looked, and said she would be “pretty and pretty soon.”

“I don’t think it was about her height.

I think it just wasn’t in the right direction,” Kimberly Macks said.

Keith Meeks went to a doctor who prescribed an antidepressant.

Kimbers mother said she was surprised at how well Keith Meeks got the help he needed.

Kim Kimberly Mokes says her father Keith Mores was a nurse when she was a child.

“I would think if I were him, he’d have told me that I needed to be pretty and pretty and really make a dent in my life, that I should be doing something, I shouldn’t be sitting in my room doing nothing, that’s my dad,” Kimberly said.

Her father said Keith was “very, very strict” with her, and Kimberly said her mother thought his attitude was “a little weird.”

“It was very, very rough, and that was the first time that I realized how much he had to work for and how much I had to struggle to get by,” Kimberly told ABC.

Keith died in 2011, and the family believes his suicide was the result of depression and a suicide attempt.

“My dad did it.

My mom did it,” Kimberly says.

Kimmy Meeks says she is still trying to get over what happened.

“He would just sit there and be so proud of me.

It was like, I love you.”