Sally’s, the cosmetics and beauty retailer that is expanding its beauty collection, today announced its first-ever Beauty Box, the latest product line to hit the shelves.

Sally’s new Beauty Box line will be available exclusively through its online store beginning Sept. 6.

The beauty boxes are made up of four essential oils, a fragrance, a lip balm, and an essential oils moisturizer. 

“We are thrilled to be able to bring our Beauty Box to our customers and will continue to offer our customers exclusive Beauty Box products to keep them fresh for the holidays,” said Sally’s founder and CEO Jill Abramson.

“We are proud to be a part of Sally’s growing Beauty Box family.”

The Beauty Box will be offered by all Sally’s brands and brands in the US, Canada, and the European Union, as well as other international distributors.

The new line of products will feature “the finest essential oils,” said Abramson, and will be delivered in convenient packaging with a wide assortment of lip balms, lip color removers, and essential oils to ensure a smooth and healthy skin. 

The Beauty boxes will also be available to customers outside the US. 

A few months ago, Sally’s also launched a line of cosmetics products that were designed to provide a “safe, effective, and effective” skin care solution, according to Abramson and company. 

Sally’s Beauty Box has the potential to become a trend for consumers to take advantage of, said Abramon, and is the “next logical step” in the company’s “long-term vision.” 

“There is a huge need for a safe, effective skin care product, and Sally’s has just launched their first-of-its-kind Beauty Box,” said Anna Estrada, senior director of communications at the National Association of Cosmetics and Cosmetics.

“By combining the beauty products and essential oil that have been the foundation of the company for decades, the Beauty Box makes perfect sense for us.” 

The first Beauty Box product will be Sally’s Essential Oil Moisturizer, which is designed to hydrate and protect the skin.

It will also include a “super nourishing and lightweight lip balmbox,” which will be made up entirely of essential oils. 

Another product in the line is the Lip Balm, which will include essential oils such as rosemary and lavender, and a fragrance that is “a gentle yet sophisticated fragrance,” according to the company.

The company has already introduced three products in the Beauty box line: the Essential Oil Facial Mask, the Essential Oils Anti-Wrinkle Mask, and Essential Oiles Lip Balms. 

Abramson and her team have been working on the new Beauty box product line for a while. 

In 2012, Sally was named one of the “100 Most Innovative Companies of 2016” by Fortune magazine. 

Last year, Abramson became the first female founder of a Fortune 500 company.