Beauty Society, a boutique shop in the Washington, DC, area, is opening a beauty shop in Washington.

The store is scheduled to open in January, according to a press release from the company.

The shop will feature a wide variety of makeup and skincare products, along with the “biggest selection of products on the planet” and “the best selection of beauty products in the country,” the release said.

It will be located at 7th and Pennsylvania Streets NW. 

The news comes as the Beauty Society continues to struggle financially. 

In January, Beauty Society announced that its board had voted to liquidate its business, and that it will seek to sell its assets. 

The company had previously said it was exploring all options to keep the shop open, but the decision to liquidated the business means that it has to shut down its operations. 

“The beauty industry is facing a massive financial crisis.

It is a time of financial uncertainty for beauty brands,” said Beauty Society CEO Lisa Pritchett in a statement.

“We are grateful to our loyal customers for their patience during this time and hope that you will continue to support the company and its mission through this difficult time.” 

The shop is part of a larger chain of beauty shops and beauty shops that is currently being developed by the company, according the press release. 

Pritcheatt said the Beauty Club is focused on offering customers a broad selection of product, and will be a “superior place to shop,” according to the press. 

On Monday, Pritchitt told the New York Post that the Beauty Shop will continue in the District of Columbia for the foreseeable future. 

Last week, the company said it would be open for business on January 10, and said the store would be located in a renovated former department store building at 716 Pennsylvania. 

Beauty Society was founded in 2014, but has only been open in Washington since February 2017. 

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