iOS 9’s redesigned wallpaper is finally here, and it’s packed with new features and functionality.

Apple has added a whole new “beauty” section that lets you set a custom theme, and a new category for your wallpaper has been added to the Home screen.

The new wallpaper also adds a few more tweaks to make it more usable on the iPhone X. There’s a redesigned home screen with an all-new, modern look.

There are three new wallpaper options, each with their own styles and options.

Each one of these changes can be configured in Settings > General > General themes > Custom.

All three new options will work for iPhone X wallpaper.

I’m personally a big fan of the iPhone’s old “Beauty” wallpaper, but the new wallpaper has gotten me thinking about other kinds of wallpaper.

There were some nice themes for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 in the past, but they were limited in how much you could customize them.

The iPhone X’s new wallpaper is also a new way to customize a wallpaper, which is a really nice way to go for iPhone wallpapers.