Australian Financial Press, 12 July 2018 A new job offer from a beauty salon has led to the employment of a young woman in Australia who said she was “surprised” when she was offered a position that was only available to her “young, beautiful, nude” staff.

“I had no idea this could happen, and I was really surprised,” said Jessica Kavanagh, 26, who works in the Australian Hair and Beauty Salon in Sydney.

Ms Kavanag has worked in the salon for nine years and said she had been looking for a job for a while.

“A lot of girls are really insecure, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to give back to my community, because there are so many girls who need to find a job,” she said.

Ms Karavanagh said she could have been offered a “full-time position” at the salon, but the salon was so busy with its own work that it wasn’t possible for her to work full-time.

The young woman said she took the job because she wanted to show her colleagues she was confident, and because she hoped she would be paid fairly.

“It was a very nice job, it was well paid, I was paid well, and everyone was very welcoming,” she told the ABC.

Ms Kanavanagh worked at the beauty salon for about eight years before quitting in January this year.

“That was one of the first places I came in contact with the salon,” she explained.

“They offered me a position as a full-fledged assistant to a full director.

I was just looking for work.”

The young assistant said she enjoyed working with the staff, and said the experience was “really nice” to work with.

“You get to see the girls working, you get to be there, and you can get the massage,” she added.

Ms Katavanagh did not specify where she would have worked in her new role, but said she hoped to work in the beauty department at another salon in the future.

“When I found out about the position I was going to work at I was absolutely blown away,” she concluded.