A woman in the US state of North Carolina, who goes by the name of Belle, has been known to make her customers laugh by showing them how to crochet a bikini.

The idea is to create a new kind of wearable, which can also be used as a form of beauty product, and is often used by celebrities and musicians.

Her work has been featured on the web and in magazines.

The story of Belle is one of the most famous in the world of crochet, and her creations are seen around the world.

She says her goal is to show the world the wonders of the human body, and how you can make it look great.

“I want to help people understand how beautiful it is to be human and how beautiful the human being can be,” Belle told CBC News.

The inspiration for her projects comes from her own experiences, including being born with a congenital deformity called cleft lip and palate.

Her father died when she was six years old, leaving her with only a few friends and little money.

“At that time I didn’t know anything about crochet,” Belle said.

“All I knew was my dad was a crocheter.

I didn.

I had never heard of it.”

Belle had an idea that she wanted to make something to help raise money for children with congenital congenital defects.

She started with her father’s hand and then worked on her own hand to create her first crochet project.

“It was really simple.

The project was simple, but it really did help a lot of people,” Belle explained.

“And I wanted to help those children that were struggling with their families.”

She was eventually able to raise $300 and then, through a crowdfunding campaign, to create the first crochet bikini for her daughter.

“To see her beautiful smile when she saw it was amazing.

And she really appreciates it,” Belle added.

Belle also uses her craft to help other people with congenitally damaged hands and feet.

The “beautiful boy” is a crochet project with a special twist that has been created for Belle, and it was her first time creating a croc-inspired bikini.

“This project has taken on a life of its own,” Belle shared.

“Every year I get so many requests to create another bikini.

And I have to say, this year, it really has brought me the most joy.” “

Each year I see new people that are using the project to raise money and to help others.

And I have to say, this year, it really has brought me the most joy.”

Belle’s crochet bikini is a simple, yet incredibly functional, project that is often seen in clothing stores, on Etsy and at the beauty bakershops she owns.

It was created to be worn around the body by women with congenito- congenital disorders, and the bra is a traditional, simple, white lace bra with a zipper and hooks.

Belle’s project has been worn in many countries around the globe, and has been shown on CBC and other major US news channels.

She said her most memorable moment was when she went to her local beauty bazaar in Canada, where she saw a crockery-themed bingo game.

“The game was the perfect idea for a holiday.

It had a theme about the beautiful boy.

And it was just a beautiful way to start the holiday,” Belle recalled.

“People came up to me and were like, ‘Oh, this is my favorite one, I love it.’ “