A popular beauty brand that aims to be an oasis of health in India has come under attack from activists.

Huda Beauty has been making waves in India for its low-priced and affordable skin care products, which can help people stay hydrated and sleep better.

Hudak Beauty founder and founder-CEO Ankit Dhakal has said that the brand’s products are affordable and made with ingredients sourced from the local villages and small farmers.

“The products are made with natural ingredients like chitosan, rice flour and coconut oil.

It’s very simple, it’s very affordable and they are easy to use,” Dhakals told NDTV.

“You can use it daily for a few days and then the skin is refreshed, and it is also hydrating.”

In a blog post on Wednesday, Huda beauty founder and CEO Ankit Daksal said that she is not aware of any cases of deaths due to the products.

“We don’t know of any deaths or other injuries due to Huda products, but we are working on it,” she said.

The company said it has a policy of using natural ingredients to provide affordable and effective skin care.

However, activists say that the products are a scam.

“Huda products are manufactured and distributed by a handful of companies and not in a responsible manner,” Rajesh Kumar, a human rights activist, told NDtv.

“They have not tested any ingredients.

There are no safety studies and they don’t have any regulatory approvals for their use.”

According to NDTV, Hudak is one of the most popular beauty brands in India, with a market share of more than 10 per cent.

It has also become one of India’s largest beauty brands, having sold more than 20 million beauty products last year.

Hudsad Beauty and the Hudas of the World have said they will donate their profits to charity, though no dates have been set.