It has been a busy couple of weeks for Nigel Lautens, the new Swansea City manager.

The Dane has taken charge of the club in the summer, and now he’s taking over from the likes of Ryan Giggs, Antonio Conte and Mauricio Pochettino.

We asked the manager some of the most beautiful things he’s seen in his time at Swansea and he said: ‘What’s nice is, I’m getting to know people a little bit more.’

He said that he’s been lucky to have such good relationships with players, and said that it’s been very rewarding.

He added: ‘It’s great to be a part of a team that has such a great squad.

We know that we’re playing a very good game, and I can see the team working hard, which is really pleasing.’

It was a difficult season for the club, but Lauten believes that they’ve come through it, and that they have a bright future ahead.

‘There’s a lot of things we’re doing well,’ he said.

‘It has been difficult for us.

It’s a very difficult season, but I think we’ve got a bright and stable future.’

Lautensen was asked what he had learned about his job so far and said: I know that every single day I’ve been there, that every player, every coach, every manager has been working extremely hard.

Every single day.

He said: We have to have a lot more pride, a lot less arrogance, and we have to be more honest with each other.

It is a difficult job, but it’s one that is really rewarding. 

‘I think we have a really good future ahead of us’ When asked if he had anything special to say to Swansea fans, Lautans reply was: I think the fans deserve a lot.

They deserve a very high quality, a high quality of players.

And a lot that is important to me is that they deserve a good quality of football.

We have a good team, I have a very strong team, and a lot is going well.

‘We’re not in the Champions League, so that’s important for me’ The former Manchester United, Tottenham and Barcelona coach added that he thinks the fans have a fantastic relationship with the club.

‘They have a real relationship with this club, and it’s great,’ he continued.

‘I think the best way to approach the fans is to say what they want, because they’re the best fans in the world, and if you can win a trophy for them, then that’s a big achievement.’ 

‘You can’t stop people from being proud’ Lautens was also asked about Swansea’s new stadium, which he said would be ‘very, very good’.

He said ‘I hope that it is a good place for Swansea City to play.

I think that the fans are going to love it.’ 

He continued to praise the city’s new fans, adding that the club is in the best position to create a great atmosphere in the stadium.

‘You can only improve as a club when you have a great fanbase, so I’m very, very happy with the fans.

I’ve known these fans for a long time, and they’ve been very, great.

‘The fans are very passionate, and the fans know the club very well, and their passion for this club is unbelievable.

‘When you have great support, when you’re doing good things, then you can improve.

I know we’ve been doing good, but there’s a long way to go.’ 

The Swansea manager was also questioned on the new player signing, Ryan Giggles, and how the transfer window will work. 

He said: There are a lot things that have been done, and there are a couple of things that are pending, but the main thing is to get the players we want. 

What is Nigel Laux’s job and why do you think he took it? 

‘It was a very important moment for me.

I’m looking forward to it’ A very busy month for the new boss, who said: It was quite a busy month.

I came here from another job, and after a while, it’s a new job, so it was a little different.

It was very important for Nigel, because he has been here a long, long time. 

The Welshman added: I want to take a little break from football and enjoy life and get a bit of time off. 

Do you think the Swansea fans will be as happy as they are? 

He replied: I don’t think so.

They’re a very passionate team, which makes it very,very difficult.

I have to put my hat on to the fans, but that’s the important thing.

They are passionate, but they are a very, strong team. 

Can you give your advice to the players? 

Laux replied