Instagram has made it easier than ever for people to share the moments they’re feeling happiest, but what do they really mean when they share?

Here are some of the most popular Instagram stories that you might not know what they mean.


The first time I posted a picture of my new haircut The first thing I did when I first posted a pic of my hair was to ask my friends what they thought of it.

Most were surprised by the results.

They would say it was amazing, but it was still an experiment.

But, I wasn’t the only one.

When I posted my first haircut, my hair looked so much better than I had thought.

It’s one of those things that really changes a person’s perspective on life.

My hair, on the other hand, was just as normal.


The most popular photo of the day My friends and I started asking each other to share a picture that we thought was the most beautiful, most inspirational, and most funny of the month.

It wasn’t a photo of our dog getting out of the water, or of us playing a game, but something we had in common.

We were all trying to make a photo that captured the true essence of life, and what we’re going through.

When we shared our most popular post, we wanted to make sure that our friends would also share the same picture that day.

They all loved it, and we all felt a special connection with each other.


I saw my dad in my dreams The first day I started Instagram, I felt like I was in a dream.

I’d seen a picture and thought, “Wow, my dad is really here!”

The moment I got home, I saw him on the couch.

I remember saying, “Mommy, Dad, we are going to make pancakes, honey!”

We sat down and we ate our pancakes.


I wrote my first Instagram post on a Saturday night When I first started Instagram in 2014, I was an ambitious young artist.

I knew I wanted to become a journalist.

I wanted people to know who I was, and I wanted them to want to know that I could make a living doing what I loved.

But in reality, I only had a few hours to myself on a weekend.

I didn’t have a lot of time to write about my favorite recipes and my favorite people, so I just wrote about my day and made myself the happiest person I knew.

I think it was a big reason why my first post was so successful.

I had a lot to share, and it was an opportunity to get people to read something that was their own.


My first photo of my parents was taken while I was on the autism spectrum I’m sure most of you know what happened next.

I was sitting in my living room and my mom was sitting next to me.

I just started asking them questions.

They were always asking me, “Are you okay?

Are you okay?”

It was the first time in my life that I actually felt comfortable talking to them.

They kept telling me that I’m amazing, that they love me and that I have so much more to give.

That night, they were right.

When my mom and I finally spoke on the phone, I had so much to tell them.

I told them how I really feel about myself, how I’m thankful for their support, how grateful I am to have them around and how much they mean to me in so many ways.

It was my best moment of my life.


I met my boyfriend on my birthday I got my first tattoo on my arm on my wedding day, when I was 22.

I don’t know what it was about that day, but the most important thing was that I was happy.

I felt happy and happy inside.

It took me so long to find my right fit, but eventually I found it.

I’ve been married to my boyfriend for almost six years, and his birthday was my birthday.

I decided to go to my birthday party dressed as a superhero and a dinosaur and I just felt so good about myself.


My boyfriend started dating my mom for a month My boyfriend was dating my mother when I posted this picture of our first date.

It felt like a dream, like I had seen the day.

It made me feel so happy and loved.

It helped me get over some of my anxiety and depression.

My mother is a nurse, and she was also the person who helped me deal with the anxiety and self-doubt that came with my autism.

When he said he was dating me for a while, I couldnt have been happier.


I received a phone call at work The first email I got from my boss was an email from the boss, and he was telling me about my new job.

I opened it and I was blown away by the response.

I wasn, like, “What is going on?

This is my life.”

I was so excited