From blackface to ‘The Black Lips’, Australian black beauty companies have a variety of products, styles and ideas.

Now, we’re sharing some of the best and most well-known brands on the market.

Beauty blogger Tanya Dominguez has been documenting her journey from blackface, to ‘the black lips’, to her current love of blackface products.

“I started to wear makeup and my first thing was the blackface mask,” she said.

Read moreRead more”I was a big makeup queen, I had a lot of success in the black community and now I’ve got my own brand.”

Tanya Doms blackface makeup has always been a highlight of her day, but after becoming a ‘black beauty superstar’, she began to see the beauty market evolve.

She’s seen a surge in demand for her products, and recently launched her own brand, Black Lip Cosmetics.

The product line includes a range of ‘black’ and ‘blond’ products, but Tanya says there are products that are for everyone, and are often available online.

A few products have been released recently that are also for the black beauty community, like the Lip Butter and Black Face Palette.

Toya has been working in the beauty industry for over a decade, and she says she has had a great experience.

I love doing what I do, I love writing, I like learning new things.

“I’m constantly learning new techniques and I’ve definitely enjoyed doing it.

What I’ve learned is to be open to learning new products and learning new styles.”

Black Beauty Trends, the website of the International Black Beauty Association, is the leading organisation for black beauty.

While there’s no doubt that black beauty products are a huge part of the beauty game, Tanya has been impressed by the evolution of the industry.

It’s always good to see companies like these stepping forward to offer their products and services, and we look forward to seeing what other trends they have coming our way.

We also wanted to take a moment to highlight the best products in the industry for women of colour.

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