It was a big day for beauty advent calendar makers as we got the chance to try out all the new beauty advent season’s calendar items for our review.

Some of the best of the crop have been made available for download, and we’ve put together a list of the most important ones that are currently available.

Here’s what you need to know before you dive in:What is a Beauty Advent Calendar?

A Beauty Advent calendar is basically an “app” that lets you watch all of the Beauty advent calendar’s content on one device.

In this case, the device we used was the Amazon Echo Dot, which can be used to stream videos to a variety of devices.

All of the calendars are available for free and you can download the content you want to watch for free.

It’s a great way to check out all of your favorite beauty advent releases right away.

Each Beauty Advent schedule has a few different sections.

The main section will have curated content, like the beauty news, product reviews, and celebrity interviews.

Next, there are more traditional sections that include all of these content, as well as product, celebrity, and beauty photos.

There’s also a section called the “beauty calendar highlights,” which includes more highlights from recent events like the release of the “Beauty Advent Calendar” app, the new “Beauties and Beauty Bloggers” section, and more.

There are also individual calendars, which are designed to be customized to a specific user’s interests.

In our case, we chose to include the Beauty Calendar highlights section, as it was the most relevant for us.

The next section of the calendar features product reviews and interviews.

We chose to also include these sections to showcase some of the latest and greatest beauty products and products that are being released this year.

Finally, there’s the “daily beauty” section.

These are the sections that focus on the “best products and brands” from around the world.

For our personal favorites, we added “Beautys and Beauty Fans” to highlight all the makeup bloggers who are rocking it in the world of beauty.

What is the Beauty Advent Blogger Calendar?

Beauty advent calendars are not just a blog that you can subscribe to.

There are various categories within the Beauty calendar as well.

There is “daily Beauty” section which has curated content that you might want to read in the Beauty app.

There also are “daily posts” which focus on specific products and/or brands that you may want to see more of.

The Beauty Advent “BeautY” section has curated posts focused on the Beauty of 2018, the year of the queen.

Finally, there is “beauties and beauty bloggers” which are curated content about a specific brand or brand of beauty products.

The Beauty Advent blogger calendar includes a lot of different types of content.

We started with the Beauty Diary section, which focuses on the top beauty bloggers in the US.

We also added the Beauty Blogger section, featuring a curated mix of content that is geared towards bloggers and bloggers-only fans.

Each blog section is also divided into sections.

For example, the Beauty and Beauty Editors section is devoted to editors in beauty and beauty.

Lastly, there was the “featured beauty products” section with curated content highlighting some of our favorite products and beauty brands.

What’s really interesting about these calendars is that they include content that’s geared towards different audiences and categories.

For example, we have the Beauty Journalist section where we have a curated list of popular beauty bloggers and beauty influencers.

We have the “all the latest news” section where you can check out the latest headlines about the latest beauty trends and products.

We even have the Fashion Calendar section, where we are getting ready to put together our first fashion show!

These calendars are meant to be used with the beauty app on your phone, but they can also be accessed through other devices.

We used the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot to stream content to our device.