Posted August 13, 2018 07:09:48 It’s a beautiful morning on a quiet street in Paris.

The light of a streetlamp falls on a pair of bouquets of roses.

They look like they could be from the same species as the roses that grace this house, but the flowers are in fact from the French Alps.

The bouquettes have been donated by a family from a small village in the Pyrenees who are donating the ashes of their mother.

The couple had been looking after their mother when she died.

They have been trying to raise the money for her burial for over a year and a half.

They were not able to afford the full cost of the funeral, and were left without any money to pay the crematorium and crematorium’s fees.

The money that they have is being donated to the French Alpine Foundation, an organisation which helps local families and businesses with the costs of cremation and burial.

In France, cremation is a very expensive process.

In order to pay for it, people pay about €100,000 ($130,000) to the state for the cremation, which includes the cost of embalming, the burial and cremation.

There are also specialised crematoria and funeral homes in France that provide cheaper cremation services, but it is a costly process and costs about €1,500 per body to transport a body from the mortuary to the crematory.

The funeral home, where the mother’s body was taken, is also paying the crematorium, the cremations and embalmers fees for the funeral.

The woman who donated the roses and the flowers is also helping to support the French foundation.

“When I donated the flowers, I did not know what I would do with them,” said Alain, the wife of a funeral director in the village of Cirencester.

“We had no idea that we would find so much joy in them.

They are beautiful and they are from the Pyrenes.”

A family from the village says they have been looking for a cemetery for their mother for years and were unable to find a suitable one in France.

They had been told that there were no suitable places in the small town of La Roche, but Alain and his wife decided to look around for a suitable location.

“It was a bit of a shock when we found that it was a cemetery in the mountains, and we could not imagine how it would look and the amount of people and the trees that would be around it,” Alain told RTE.

“And then we found out that the cemetery was only a small part of the town.

We didn’t know how to look for a small cemetery in France, so we took the flowers and tried to find the nearest one.”

“I had no other choice but to take them,” he said.

The flowers and the ashes are being brought to La Roche Cemetery, in the hills of the Pyresse region, where they will be kept in a specialised coffin.

“I don’t know if it’s a mistake or a deliberate attempt, but I hope it’s not a mistake because I think that the flowers will be very attractive to the public,” said Leila, a member of the French association that has donated the bouquet.

The family has been looking forward to the arrival of the flowers since the day that they were donated.

They will be buried with their mother’s ashes.

“Our whole family has just been overwhelmed by the support we have received,” said Rachael, the mother of a friend who donated one of the roses.

“She had so much hope for our future.

We are looking forward very much to having the flowers for our mother’s grave and to be buried beside her.” “

These flowers are from France and are meant to represent France.

We are looking forward very much to having the flowers for our mother’s grave and to be buried beside her.”

“We are very happy,” said Jean-Pierre, a friend of the family who also donated one flower.

“They are very beautiful, and I hope they will bring a little happiness to our family.”

“It’s really hard to come by flowers when you’re so lonely,” said the mother.

“This is something that we cannot afford to forget.”

A couple from a nearby village has also donated a bouquet of flowers, which they will put in a casket for their sister-in-law’s funeral.

“My husband and I have been so overwhelmed by this,” said his wife.

“The flowers are beautiful, it’s our first time in France and it feels so good to be part of this,” she said.

“But also, I think it’s important to remember the words of our deceased mother: ‘When we look at the flowers we are happy and we are in heaven.'”

The family’s hope is that the casket will contain the flowers.

“After her death, the family has always asked me to bring flowers