“I have been living with this issue for a long time,” says Laura M. from New Jersey.

“It’s one of those things that is not something I can just put down.”

Laura M. had to find a way to keep her beautiful hairy hair healthy without the hassle of trying to cut it out.

Laura M.’s story is told in her new book, Hairy Hair: A Life Story of a Hairy Beauty and the Magic of Hairyness.

“It’s an interesting thing, because for so many people, the word ‘hair’ is synonymous with pain,” she says.

“But I found that there are a lot of things that you can do with it.”

Hairy Hair was written by Laura M., and it features her story of discovering her own natural hair, the benefits of hair products, and the joys of making your own hair patterns.

“I had to learn how to manage the condition, so that my hair was not going to go into an uncontrollable condition that would get worse,” she tells ABC News.

“That is something that is very hard to do.”

Laura’s story is one of thousands of women who share their stories about their natural hair condition, and they all share a common thread: it’s not as bad as it seems.

Laura’s book also contains tips and tricks for making your hair feel better without having to cut out any hair.

“It was so difficult to tell the difference between what was normal and what wasn’t,” she said.

“I could tell the hair was going through a normal process, but the condition was so different from the normal condition that I could not tell.”

Laura says that one of the hardest parts about the condition is finding a way of managing the condition.

“You can’t just go to the salon and say, ‘I’ve got my hair,'” she says, “because it is not like you can just throw it away.”

Laura was able to take her natural hair back to its natural state after a few years.

Laura has since been on the lookout for ways to manage her natural condition.

In a new book she tells of her experience with “nip and tuck” and how she found a way for her hair to keep feeling fresh.

Laura M., who was born with naturally curly hair, found that she could use a little nip and Tuck to manage some of her condition.

She says that her hair felt healthier and looked more natural than ever.

“The first few weeks after I shaved my head I could still see a little bit of my hair,” Laura M says.

She says that by using a little shampoo, she was able “to feel the scalp” without having any irritation.

“My hair was so smooth and soft and soft,” she adds.

“The only thing I could do was just use my hair brush, but it was so soft and easy to use that I thought, ‘It’s not going anywhere.'”

Laura M says that she was also able to start using a lot more hair products and she was eventually able to get to “a healthy hair state.”

Laura has learned to use a few of the more common products to manage hair, including Nip and Tune, a hair conditioner that is formulated with organic ingredients.

Laura says she also started using a few products that are marketed as “natural hair” and says that they are great for her condition, but that she still feels a little “on the outside.”

“I feel like I’ve lost a little of my own identity as a person,” Laura says.

“People tend to want to label you as a hair product-user because it’s the only way that you could find a job or a place to live,” Laura adds.

Laura uses her experience to help others manage their hair condition.

While Laura says that the only thing that really makes her happy is that she has a natural hair and can get on with her life, she is also grateful that her natural curls are still there.

“We all have different hair types, and people tend to assume that everyone is different and that there is no difference,” she explains.

“You can still have a natural, healthy hair and you still have that feeling of happiness.”