Beautiful legs, beautiful disaster is a new video game for young children that will give kids a chance to take a page out of the anime franchise by turning the cute characters into the prettiest girls they can find.

The game was released last year in Japan for Nintendo 3DS, but now it’s available for the Switch.

Beautiful legs is a 2D platformer in which the main character is a girl named Alice who’s been stuck with a disability and has to learn to walk normally by riding a cart on the ground.

You can also control Alice by using your thumbsticks and you can play with the game’s six playable characters and four different outfits.

It’s a cute-yet-fun game that doesn’t necessarily feel like a game for kids, but it’s really a game that parents can use to get their children to want to play with dolls.

In addition to being cute, the game features some clever mechanics to make it easier for parents to play, like the ability to choose which parts of the body to focus on while in the game.

There are no words to describe how much I love this game, especially since it is so cute and fun for little girls.

It’s a really smart game, and I’m really excited to see how it evolves as the games goes on.