A post shared by Instagram (@instagram) on Aug 27, 2018 at 7:29pm PDT Marlene Bocco-Lopez, a former beauty blogger who now runs her own online beauty blog, BeautyCreators, created an Instagram profile and created a series of photos for the brand.

“We wanted to be able to showcase the uniqueness of the beauty industry to the world, so we wanted to do things the old fashion way, which is to have the photo come from an Instagram account,” Bocinós said.

“We wanted the beauty products, we wanted the products and we wanted that Instagram account to be a portal of beauty products.”

Boccos Instagram account, Beauty Creators, has over 10,000 followers and is a major draw to the brand’s new Instagram account.

Boccos BeautyCreator Instagram account features a mix of her favorite Instagram accounts, photos and videos of her own beauty products and products of the brand, as well as makeup and makeup tutorials.

She has over 200 makeup and beauty products from brands including MAC, Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Eyeshadow, Clinix, MAC Skincare, and MAC Cream.BOCOCTOS PHOTOS ON THE WEBSITE In addition to showcasing her personal brand and beauty brands, Bococcos has a portfolio of photos and makeup images from her personal Instagram account and her own makeup line.

“I always wanted to get the photos and the video together so I could share what I do with my makeup,” Boca told USA TODAY.

“I have been photographing my hair and doing hair tutorials for a while now and it’s really inspiring to be out there doing the beauty stuff.

It’s very easy to make my own look and it feels really natural.”

In addition, Boca has made a number of videos on her own Instagram page, and in February the brand launched a video series on the company’s YouTube channel.

Boca also posted a video of her hair and makeup on Feb. 18.

In the videos, BOCOC is seen in the studio and with her stylist, a combination of the former beauty blog post-beauty blogger, makeup artist and Instagram account artist.

“What’s great about Instagram is you can get really personal, which I love because you get to connect with the community,” BOCO said.

“It’s really fun to do the Instagram videos, I just love doing them because I can get to the real-life stuff.”

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