A woman who says she repeatedly sexually assaulted her boss has told the ABC she was threatened with a gun, forced to have sex and subjected to “shocking and degrading” threats in Melbourne’s west in the last two years.

Key points:The ABC understands that at least one woman is alleging she was assaulted by a manager of a beauty supply company in Melbourne in the early days of the global recessionThe ABC has spoken to more than a dozen people who claim to have been sexually assaulted in Melbourne, and one said he was raped in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick last yearThe woman told the broadcaster she had been a “model and sales person” at a beauty company in Brunswick, and worked for a manager.

“We were trying to build a brand and make a living,” she said.

The woman said she had met the man while working for another company.””

He would have the audacity to say, ‘I’m going to rape you.'”

The woman said she had met the man while working for another company.

“He would come to the office and we would have lunch and we’d discuss work.”

One day he comes to the desk and he says to me, ‘We need to talk about a business deal’.

“I don’t know what it was but I told him, ‘no’ and I said, ‘it’s a business thing’.”

He said, [it] is the first time I’ve heard this kind of thing.

“Then I was in his office for three hours and he just started yelling at me, telling me that if I ever told anyone about it, that I would be fired.”

The woman was eventually allowed to leave the company, but she said she was still subjected to threats of rape, and had to give up her job.

“It was awful.

He would have me wear a mask, wear gloves,” she told the network.”

The last time I was able to go back to work I was at home alone, because I had been raped by my boss.”

At one point I was told I was going to be fired.

“All I could think about was my children.

I had a very traumatic experience and I have been trying to make amends ever since.”

The ABC is also investigating the claims of another woman who has spoken out against her former boss.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she started working at the Beauty Supply Company in Melbourne on January 1, 2012.

“They had a policy to not allow employees to be in the office together.

They just said, no,” she explained.”

There was no reason why I could not work at the store, it just wasn’t a great way to spend my time.”

She said the manager was a woman who was known for her aggressive style and “a lot of physical violence”.

“I felt really bad for her,” she added.

The ABC contacted Brunswick City Council for comment.

The Brunswick Police Department said it was investigating a complaint from a woman last year who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the man who was a former customer.

“Police and the Brunswick Police Service have received numerous reports from individuals concerned about alleged sexual assaults at Brunswick Beauty Supply,” it said.

A spokesperson said the company was working with the Brunswick City Government to establish a zero-tolerance policy and had established a zero tolerance policy in the area.

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