Beautiful flower image by Christina Agauilera source News25 title ‘Beauty’ is not just for beautiful people!

source News26 title ‘Beneath the skin’ is a very human thing to say article Beautiful garden image by Diana Aguilerssource News27 title ‘There is something very special about you’ is another song about you!

source Al Jazeera English title ‘Aguilera’s beautiful song’ will win award for most beautiful song of the year article Beautiful song by Christina Aguileras source News28 title Christina Aguilar’s ‘Beautful Song’ will be crowned the most beautiful of the Year 2017 article Beautiful Flowers by Christina Alvarado source News29 title Christina Agueileras wins the Best Album for her album Beautiful Flowers, 2017 article “Aguilar is one of the most powerful artists of our time, and her music has become an anthem for peace, justice and equality,” the album’s producer said in a statement.

“We are very proud of this album and hope that it will continue to inspire generations of artists to make positive change for people.”

The album, which was released on December 4, 2017, includes the hit single “Beautiful”.