I have a confession to make: I am not a fan of the Dallas Stars.

After reading a story from Yahoo Sports, I started to question my team.

I started watching more of their games and seeing more of the team’s style.

But the Dallas team has remained so consistent that I am willing to bet I am wrong about the Stars.

They’ve been a playoff team for three years now.

The Stars won the Presidents’ Trophy in 2014-15 and have won a Stanley Cup in six of the last seven seasons.

They’re the league’s best team, and their coach has guided them to the finals in five of the past six years.

The only problem is that this team is not good enough to win the Stanley Cup.

I believe that the Dallas players should be more afraid of the Blackhawks than they are the Stars right now.

Let’s take a look at how the Stars and Blackhawks compare.

Who is the better team?

I started my analysis with the Blackhawks and Dallas as the teams with the most wins each of the first three years.

There is a clear division between the two teams this year.

The Blackhawks have five wins, while the Stars have one.

This division has been defined by the way the Blackhawks have outscored the Stars in the first half of the season.

But that’s not all that matters.

This is about how well the Stars can execute their game plan, and that’s why they have a 2-0-1 record this year in those first three games.

They can score goals.

They score on a nightly basis.

They have a lot of offensive talent.

They are a team that can score and control the game in a hurry.

The Dallas Stars have won four of the six games against the Blackhawks.

They outscore the Hawks on their first goal in the third period of a game on Friday.

They also outscores the Blackhawks in the second period of the third game.

They even beat them in the shootout on Sunday.

So, the Stars are winning at a good rate.

What’s the problem?

The problem is not just how they play the game.

The problem isn’t the quality of the offense.

The issue is how they execute their offense.

So let’s start with how they are scoring goals.

Dallas has the second-best power play in the league at 6.2 percent.

The Ducks have a 5.4 percent power play, which is good for fourth-best in the NHL.

But if the Stars scored five goals in the game, it would be third-worst in the League.

It’s a bit of a problem because the Stars were the second team to get that many goals in a game last year.

Dallas led the League in power play attempts with 27, while Chicago was second with 24.

This year, the Blackhawks are second in the category with 25.4 attempts.

This would be tied for fourth in the NFL with New England, but the Stars rank sixth at 23.7.

Chicago has a solid power play and has scored in the past two games.

Dallas leads the NHL in power plays for the second straight season.

The difference is that the Stars aren’t generating the goals.

The average team is generating 10.8 shots per game.

Chicago is at a league-leading 25.7 shots per night, which would be second-most in the NBA.

The league average is 22.4.

The NHL average is 21.8.

Dallas is getting the shots, but they’re not going in the right places.

The Hawks are on a six-game winning streak and have a winning percentage of .913.

Dallas’s leading goal scorer is Devin Shore, who is second on the team with 17 goals.

Shore is also fourth on the Stars with five power play goals.

But Shore has played just three games and has just four shots.

It isn’t just Shore.

The power play hasn’t been as effective for Dallas, either.

The total for the Stars is the second lowest in the entire NHL.

They average 0.87 power plays per game, which ranks 15th.

The goal totals are the lowest for the Dallas Power Play.

They rank third in the Hockey East at 0.82.

The Power Play ranks seventh in the AHL at 0,076.

The Rangers and Flyers have been at the top of the league with a 0.97 power play average.

So the Stars need to get their goals more often.

They need to be creating chances on the power play.

They don’t have to score as many goals as they did last year, but it doesn’t hurt to be more consistent.

The last team to score more than the Stars this season was the Kings in 2014.

Dallas was seventh in goals for and fifth in power-play goals for last season.

What about defense?

The Stars are allowing the fourth-fewest goals in hockey at 3.04 per game (28th in the hockey world).

The Stars have given up the third-most goals per game at 3:09 per game and have allowed the fourth few