I want to keep my hair short and sleek, but my stylist doesn’t know that.

I’ve had it a long time.

I remember my hair being like, “Oh my god, my hair is long!”

I was like, Well, what are you talking about?

“So, my stylists would always ask me, “Well, you know, your hair is longer.

“And I’d be like, Oh, no, it’s not, I don’t have a problem with that.

They’d be trying to figure out what I’m talking about, and it would be like: “Yeah, but you know what, it does feel short.”

And they’d say, “It’s because you’re not used to the hair length that you have now.”

That’s not fair to you, is it?

So, I tried to get some guidance from my stylian and her friend and we just started talking.

She said, “You’re gonna have to stop doing these things.”

So, she stopped doing these products.

But the advice that I would give her is to find a stylist who has done this and does it.

And the other thing that I always tell my stylistas is, if you don’t feel like you’re having to do these things, it may be time to do them.

So, what else do I have to do to look good?

I wear mascara, mascara, and eyeliner. I don