A brand new beauty product is in stock and Ulta Beauty is offering customers a surprise gift with the launch of its new beauty box.

The gift box, which includes the popular beauty essentials such as face masks and hair products, is on sale for $34.95 and will be available in stores in Ireland from Friday, July 31st.

The Ulta brand’s latest beauty line, Ulta Max, will be released in stores on August 15.

The new beauty boxes are a response to customers who have been looking for a gift that would celebrate the anniversary of their birthdays.

“Ulta Max is a gift for the fans that celebrate the birthdays of their loved ones,” said Noel Henningsen, vice president of brand communications at Ulta.

“We’re excited to be able to share this gift with our fans who celebrate birthdays, and the UltaMax box will include all of their favorite beauty products to inspire their passion.”

“This new box will bring together the most popular beauty products from Ulta, including their award-winning foundation and hair care lines,” added Henninsen.

The Ulta box will also feature a variety of products for each of the seven years of the customer’s life, with a range of products to meet the needs of any occasion.

“There is something special in our Ulta boxes that you will feel right at home with, and you can also choose from the Ultacart collection of exclusive beauty essentials to make the perfect birthday gift,” added Heather Laidler, vice-president of corporate communications for Ulta Ireland.

“If you love makeup, there is a range for your eyes, and if you love skincare, there are all of the best beauty products for your skin.

Ulta is one of the world’s leading beauty brands and we are always excited to offer our customers the best selection of products.”

The Ultacarts beauty essentials range includes the following products: a full-length foundation, a contour cream and a concealer, all available in a range that includes the best-selling makeup products.

The first Ulta Box of the year, Ultacarte, will feature a full range of the company’s cosmetics and makeup line.

Ultacarte will be in stores across Ireland from July 31 and is available at all Ulta stores.

Ulta’s beauty boxes have been a hit with shoppers who are looking for the best value, which is why the company has decided to offer this new beauty delivery service as a new feature for the Ultas customers.

Ultas boxes are also being launched on a weekly basis, starting with a selection of cosmetics and cosmetics products from September 30.

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