The makeup expert says you can pick the right face cream for your skin tone, skin type and skin type with this beauty master guide.

Here are the tips to choosing a perfect face oil for you:For me, my skin type is oily.

I don’t like oily skin and I don´t have any acne scars, scars or pimples.

I like to wear a neutral lip color, like peach or peach with red or pink undertones.

I prefer cream face oil.

It doesn´t dry out my skin too much, and it doesn´s free from dirt and grime.

It´s gentle enough for a daytime routine.

I wear a regular face mask on a daily basis and I can use it as a primer if needed.

It has good coverage and I love the smell.

It lasts for months, so it´s a must have.

You should get at least four weeks of use and you should be able to use it daily for up to a year.

It is available in a range of skin tones and types.

If you have oily skin, the cream version is the one for you.

The beauty master advises:The best face oil is based on the pH of your skin, which depends on your skin type, skin sensitivity and age.

For me, I prefer the milder formula, which is not harsh.

You can also use a cream face mask, a gel or a cream and gel mask.

The gel mask is a good option for those with sensitive skin.