The beauty industry is a $1 trillion industry, with the likes of Amazon, Instagram, and Kylie Jenner being worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

But with a new report from The Australian Financial Press showing that the beauty industry’s biggest stars are paid $5.6 million per hour to perform their jobs, we’ve taken a look at the people who make up the most glamorous and glamorous stars.1.

Marina Abramovic – The Russian beauty queen who makes $60 million per yearMarina’s husband is a top beauty executive at beauty company Olymex, who is the second richest man in Russia with an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion.

Marine Abramovic has been dubbed the “Russian Marilyn Monroe” and she’s also known as the “Beauty Queen of Russia”.

Marina is the only woman to be named in the Forbes Rich List for 2018.

She is also the richest person in Russia, making $60.3 billion according to Forbes.2.

Caitlyn Jenner – A star on the riseThe transgender star is worth $24 billion according the Forbes rich list, with her earnings from her reality TV show “Jennercast” at $3 million per episode.

The star is now a big-selling reality TV star in the US and has been a mainstay on the reality television circuit since 2013.

She’s the fifth-most-watched TV personality in the world, and her earnings are the highest of all the women in the top 10.3.

Jennifer Lawrence – The ‘Jennifer’ of the OscarsJennifer Lawrence is worth a reported $40 million per show.

She is a rising star in Hollywood with her latest film “The Hunger Games” making $5 million per day.

Her career started when she appeared in the 1996 film “Hannah Montana”, which was directed by Joe Dante and was based on the novel “The Last Unicorn”.4.

Nicole Kidman – A glamour queen, and then an iconNicole’s star has soared with the release of her new film “Anomalisa”.

The film stars Nicole Kidman as the young and sexy lead in a thriller about a young man who meets his own twin brother, who has a secret that he must keep secret from his family.

The film was released in the UK in May 2018, and she has been in the spotlight ever since.5.

Julianne Moore – The most beautiful queen of all timeJulianna Moore is the richest female entertainer in the country with an astonishing net worth.

She’s worth $2.4 billion according Forbes.6.

Julie Walters – The world’s most beautiful womanJulie is a star in her own right with a wealth of money from her acting career.

She won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for her role in “American Hustle” in 2016, and starred in films including “Gone Girl”, “The Imitation Game”, “A Beautiful Mind”, and “Divergent”.7.

Carrie Underwood – The hottest woman in HollywoodCarrie has been an overnight hit with audiences, and has earned $70 million in annual earnings since 2011.

She also has a career that spans multiple films and television shows.

She has been named as the most successful actress in Hollywood since 2010, earning $4.4 million in 2017.8.

Sylvia Plath – The greatest beauty queen of our timeSylvie Plath is the quintessential glamour Queen.

She was a British actress who was born in Edinburgh in 1926, but moved to America to study in the 1960s.

She made her name with her portrayal of Jane Austen in the novels Pride and Prejudice, Pride and Zombies, Pride of the Spotless Mind, Pride at Midnight, and Pride and Tragedy.9.

Nicola Wilde – The quintessential queen of HollywoodNicola was born Margaret Charles Wilde in England in 1911.

She became an American citizen in 1948.

Her career began in the 1920s, when she portrayed Lady Elizabeth I in the stage play “The Tempest”.

She later went on to play Anne Boleyn in Shakespeare’s play “Henry V”.

Nicola is the most-wearing actress in American history, and also the most famous person of the time.10.

Cristina Lima – The only woman ever to win a Golden GlobeCristi was born Cristina Lima in Mexico City in 1947.

She had an impressive career, including appearing in films such as “Gentleman Ali”, “Wanted” and “Beverly Hills Cop”.

She later became a member of the cast of “The Princess Bride”, starring in the classic 1980s film.

Cris says that her family was “very poor”, but that her success as an actress made her realise that it was possible to make it as an actor.11.

Jessica Alba – The new queen of AmericanaJessica Albba is the reigning