Jaties Black Beauty star Jatinah Kwon, 22, has been labelled a ‘racist’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘anti-Black’ and ‘anti black’ by a popular social media community for her Instagram post that has been criticised by many in the Black beauty community.

The ‘black beauty’ star wrote that she ‘fear[s] for my life’ after receiving racist abuse after sharing a photo of herself wearing a black hoodie.

“This has been happening to me all day,” Jatinahs Instagram post read.

The comment was met with outrage by many on the Black Beauty community who said it was an ‘anti Black’ post, which was ‘anti’ because of her race.

Jatinahs comment came after her Instagram account was ‘blocked’ by the Instagram app’s ‘discipline’ team, who wrote that the post was ‘unacceptable and unacceptable in any manner.’

“We don’t tolerate racism, and we don’t support the actions of racist individuals,” the team wrote.

They added that they would take ‘appropriate action’ against the ‘unlawful and offensive’ user.

“We do not tolerate racist content, and you will not be able to post content on Instagram that is in violation of our Terms of Service.”

In a follow-up post, the team said they would ‘take action’ if the ‘racist user’ continued to post posts in violation.

Black Beauty community members have also called on Instagram to delete the post and issue an apology.

 “The people who created and posted this racist and offensive content are not worthy of the brand Instagram has created for us.

They are not the type of people who would care about our well-being and our beautiful bodies,” a Facebook user wrote.”

It is not the first time we’ve been called out for our skin color on Instagram, but this is not who we are.”

“I don’t have any issue with being black or a beauty.

It is not my business how you are perceived,” Jatihah said.

“But when I was called out and attacked because I am a Black beauty, I feel like I am not allowed to have a voice in this.

I am no longer able to express myself.”

She added that her Instagram community was ‘finally safe’ after being banned from Instagram.

On Sunday, Jatinyah posted another ‘racist comment’ saying she felt ‘sick’ after seeing an ‘outrageous’ comment about her on Instagram. 

“I hate when people say I am racist because I do not have a white skin,” JATIE beauty post read, referring to her skin colour.

A Facebook user then responded to the racist comment by saying that Jatinihah’s skin colour was not her fault and that she was a ‘white skin privilege whore’.

“The fact that you think you can dictate what we do, when you do not know what we go through and how we are perceived, is disgusting,” the user said.

“When you think about what you think of us as, you are really disgusting.”

Jatihahs Instagram account has been ‘blacked out’ by Facebook after being ‘blanked out’ of the app.

As a result, the account has now been ‘blacked out’ on Instagram and she has been banned from the platform.

Instagram banned her from their platform after she posted racist comments about Jatinies skin colour on Instagram